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Theta Healing is a powerful meditation and healing technique. It is not bound by any religion or belief. With this technique, which is based on the unlimited energy that creates all there is,

all the boundaries in your mind disappear.

In addition to the miracle healings that happen effortlessly, you have the opportunity to work directly with the subconscious mind. By this way, you can transform all your subconscious patterns that do not serve you. You can work on anything you want to change or manifest in your life,

not just physical illnesses.

In addition, THETAHEALING is an internationally certified trademark. You become a licensed practitioner of the system, with the certificate you obtain at the end of the seminars.

Theta Healing courses consists of many different modules. However, you can start practicing healing and belief work as a licensed practitioner right after the first training.


This course is an 8-week program created by Güliz B. UYSAL. During this course, while step by step focusing on the 7 main chakras of the physical body, concepts of spirituality and ancient wisdoms are studied in a way that covers many different teachings. This training has a deep and intense content that goes beyond mere textbook information. This course may be considered as an introduction to the basics of spirituality and is ideal for anyone who has difficulty deciding how to start this journey.

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This energy channel, presented to us by Danish meditation master Ole Gabrielsen, is a powerful, effective and practical healing method. You can easily use it in many areas of your life and you can easily teach this technique to others with

“Master level” training.

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